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26 & 27 MARCH 2019



ATTENTIVE provides a complete range of products which are dedicated to the security and the well-being of dependent persons.
Security is of course the most important part. By a push of a button, they can make a call for help to a call centre of a telecare company or directly to a phone number which belongs to a family member.
Comfort is also an important point which is most of the time forgotten.
With the multi-technologies inside (PSTN - IP - 3G - RFID - BLUETOOTH - and WIFI), we can integrate other additional devices in order to help the dependent persons in their daily life. Like a connected light which turns on automatically at night when they wake up to prevent the fall.
Or a connected screen to make sure that they will stay in touch with their family by receiving pictures from their children and grandchildren to prevent their loneliness.
Finally, professional caregivers were also in need of being able to follow their patients` health status evolution. Prevention is a `key-word` to provide the best care to a patient, which is why we designed MyATTENTIVE web platform and Apps where caregivers can follow the health evolution of their patients but also have a supervision of all the devices they have installed.

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